úterý 23. října 2012

Pár slovních hříček o Excelu

Some cells and ranges that you may have heard about:

A1The steak sauce cell
IM21The legal drinking age cell
K9The dog cell
AK47The assault weapon cell
IV2The second intravenous solution cell
B9The malignant cell
HI5The alternate handshake cell
AH:HAThe discovery range
F16The fighter jet cell
AM:FMThe radio range
ET2The Brute' cell
AW42The root beer for two cell
BU:BUThe erroneous range
BY:BYThe farewell range
IC2The double-vision cell
IQ100The average intelligence cell
HO:HOThe Santa Claus range
GO2The destination cell
FU2The same to you cell
EX2The second former spouse cell
CU8The oil-rich country cell
BU10The shirt fastener cell
BC49:BD1The '96 Presidential Election results range
AG1:GB1The '00 disputed Florida vote range
T42The old soft-shoe cell
U2The Irish rock group cell
BI123The Lotus marketing slogan cell
C4The explosive cell
V8The vegetable juice cell
R2:D2The android range
I1:U1The tied game cell
AP:ESThe Simian range
H8:U2The ex-wife range
IN2:CA9The dog-lover range
AC:DCThe electric range
D84:U2The double date range
I12:CU2The "when can we meet" cell

pátek 12. října 2012

Microsoft Excel 2013

Co nás čeká v Excelu 2013?

Nový Excel si už můžete stáhnout tady:
Ale pokud Vás zajímají hlavní novinky, doporučuji toto video (zvětšit na celou obrazovku):